Donations needed for help with 3rd stage cancer patient Larry Fithian

My father Larry Fithian was diagnosed over 3 weeks ago with 3rd stage lung cancer. The day that he found out he had cancer, he made sure they came out cut his hair so he donated it to locks of love. Even facing all this, he still thought of others. It has taken a toll on our family emotionally, and financially. He has a massive tumor that has already blocked off the right side of his windpipe completely off, and partially some of the left side. He is at home now, but we have to take him daily to the hospital for chemotherapy and radiation. My mother has also had to cut back her hours at work to help take care of him. The treatments, hospitalizations, and medications have taken there toll on us all. So I opened an account in my name(Sasha Cullins)in honor of Larry Fithian at The Bank of the Wichitas. The account number is 8029407. Any amount donated would be appreciated no matter how big or small. My family thanks you for your kindness ,and we are eternally grateful! Prayers are also greatly appreciated. Any questions feel free to contact me at 5805831508, Thank you all, The Fithian Family

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